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When considering outdoor furniture, you are going to evaluate some familiar characteristics of indoor tables and chairs like durability, comfort and style. However, the big difference of outdoor furniture is weather-resistance when put outside over different seasons and weather conditions.


It’s important to choose the suitable materials for your particular outdoor and specific needs that could stand through a variety of weather types. Some could crack, or become brittle when exposed to extreme weather or drastic fluctuations. Dry air can also cause the furniture to bend or gradually damage.

With recycled plastic pellets, we have produced various materials for our furniture such as synthetic outdoor wicker, rope, injection molded plastic, and poly lumber. All of them are strong, durable, and fade-resistant with many choices in terms of colors and design. It can fit a wide range of tastes and preferences of consumers in different countries and weather conditions. 

Easy maintenance and Cleaning

Another important point is the ability to resist moisture, mildew, insects or saltwater with low maintenance. The outdoor furniture is expected to stay outside all day with minimum care or cleaning required, but still look stunning and function well. 


Although many people get awareness of global warming and its serious impacts on wellbeing and the economy, the rate is still at alarming levels. Most people can make changes in their consumption habits to help reduce pollution, waste and climate change. As a pioneer of outdoor furniture in Vietnam and the SEA, we are striving to innovate and adopt “green” manufacturing practices with an eco-friendly mindset. 

At Greenbird, we aim to offer the best solutions for our clients in production and supply chain, while bringing to our consumers the most comfortable experience possible with great memories. 

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