Every year, there are 2.62 million tons of plastic waste generated, while only 20% of them are recycled.  It is strong, durable, lightweight and perfectly material for garden furniture.  Greenbird and our partners aim to contribute to a better world by producing high-value and great design outdoor furniture by using plastic waste. We are working hard to change and seek solutions for environmental issues like plastic pollutions or climate change.

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With more than 25 years of experience in garden furniture, we have always sought sustainable development by seeking solutions and continuous improvement. Greenbird not only creates beautiful, long-lasting pieces of furniture, but also makes a positive impact on the environment and society of the country we are producing in – Vietnam.
In 2021, Greenbird and our partners have offered more than 7,000 jobs and recycled xx tons of plastic waste into beautiful, styled outdoor furniture. We hope to make more positive changes to the environment, as well as help to promote a consumption trends for recycled products in the countries we are selling.  We have taken natural resources to produce our consumption goods, now it’s time to bring those back in the form of new trends – Sustainability and Style.

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