About Greenbird

Started in 1992 as a wood importer, we now have more than 25 years of experience in making and developing garden furniture with a global presence in 50 countries. Particularly, in Vietnam we have developed a network of more than 30 factories with 10,000 jobs created and millions of products manufactured every year.

Every year, there are 3.7 million tons of plastic waste generated, while only 15% of them are recycled. We have researched and developed a brand new Greenbird, focusing on making recycled outdoor furniture using plastic waste from the country we are producing in. Thus, we and our partners could transform as much waste as possible into functional, elegant garden furniture. 

We recognize that customer focus, sustainability, flexibility and a solutions-oriented approach are our core values. These core values are imbedded in our corporate culture.

Eco-friendly materials and Easy-maintenance

Solutions for your Supply Chain management

Certified products made from recycled materials

Join us for making the world better


A deep look into nature unlocks imagination and inspires creativity.

With great focus on end-user experience, we search for an icon that could not only present the stylishness, specifications of our products; but also convey the message of environmentally-friendly and user-friendly. We are incredibly inspired by the image of birds, as their highlighted features like diversity in colors, shapes, and characteristics. And so do our Greenbird recycled products.

green bird - garden furniture

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