Climate change and pollution are accelerating at an alarming rate with more serious impacts on the environment, the society as well as the economy. Because of this, many people start to make changes in their daily choices, their lifestyle that incorporate more sustainable items and ways of living. On the same ambition, Greenbird is also working hard with our partners to create not only beautiful, long-lasting furniture for our consumers, but also make positive changes to the country we are producing our products – Vietnam.





Design &
Product development

With the focus of end-user experience, we keep constantly expanding our range to update the latest world’s trends and demands. It’s so proud to turn plastic waste into something helpful, meaningful with great memories of all family members.

We have started the sustainable journey with lots of discussions, design, re-design, testing and retesting to find solutions to every single challenge we are facing. In the end, the result is great with our outstanding products balancing between aesthetic design and great comfort of consumer experience. 

Materials & Care

Bringing recycled furniture to consumers all around the world, our core value on sustainability stimulates us searching for innovative and “green” solutions for reducing plastic waste and pollution. Projected that in 2022, Greenbird plans to use more than 50.000 standard single use plastic waste for manufacturing our beautiful pieces of furniture.

With a hundred suppliers, we are able to offer various options of garden furniture, combining international design and production with sustainable sourced materials/waste – ensuring sustainable outdoor is possible for any taste, style and weather as we strongly believe that recycled materials and sustainable products should be certain and widely available for consumption.

As we place great values on people and planet, the production is designed in accordance with all binding environmental and safety regulations, as well as follows strictly quality control principles and standards.

Quality Control &
Supply Chain Management

With more than 25 years of experience, we are specialists in production and supply chain management that bring more added values for our client’s procurement process. This allows us to provide the flexible offers with global scale operation from selection to shipping. Overall, it helps our business to meet expectations of clients on delivery and quality, while reducing waste and minimizing risk of recall.

green bird - garden furniture

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