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eco-friendly bracelet for earth from Greenbirth

Efforts to clean up plastic in the ocean are ongoing, but the problem is enormous and complex. Millions of tons of plastic waste are dumped into the ocean every year, and this waste can take hundreds of years to degrade. Fortunately, there are several organizations and initiatives working to reduce the amount of plastic in the ocean. One way to help is by recycling plastic bottles. Instead of throwing them away, plastic bottles can be collected and turned into a variety of new products, including bracelets. Recycling plastic bottles not only keeps them out of the ocean, but it also helps conserve resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By making a simple change in our daily habits, we can all do our part to help protect our planet.

Together with GreenBird, Sustainable Bracelet is a positive choice for you to PROTECT THE EARTH. This eco-friendly jewelry is a “slogan” for all environmental lovers. It shines on your wrist to remind you to consider every time you use single-use plastic.

How Does GREENBIRD funiture Clean The Ocean?

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In Vietnam, a huge amount of plastic waste is washing up and littering the beautiful beaches, causing environmental pollution and impact on people’s health. GreenBird collects appropriate post-consumer waste and processes it into¬†recycled plastic beads.¬†


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After GreenBird collects post-consumer waste, we carefully sort, wash, shred from bottle to flakes, and then transform it into recycled plastic pellets. After working hours with a closed process, we reshape tiny pellets into recycled plastic beads.

Bracelets Made From Plastic Waste

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Recycled plastic bracelets are not only stylish, but they also serve as a reminder of the importance of sustainable living. By wearing a recycled plastic bracelet, you are not only making a statement about your commitment to the environment but also encouraging others to consider more sustainable choices. These bracelets are also a great conversation starter, allowing you to share your passion for sustainability with others. Additionally, by purchasing products made from recycled materials, you are supporting the recycling industry and helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills and oceans. Overall, recycled plastic bracelets are a simple yet impactful way to make a difference and promote a more sustainable future.

Along with the creativity of Vietnamese weavers, they quickly combine strap and eco-friendly plastic beads into handcrafted, unique, aesthetic jewelry. Now more of what we throw away can be reused as eco-friendly bracelets. This sustainable bracelet will “STAY AND SHINE” on your wrist to present your determination to REDUCE plastic waste & protect the green planet. Together, we save the Earth with our hands.


bracelet forest admirer from Greenbird

Forest Admirer: Keep the green bracelet if you always want to protect nature and all trees.

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Beach Lover: Show your love for the ocean with our blue bracelet.

Earth Protector: Yellow bracelet is a positive choice to remind yourself to clean up the Earth from plastic.

recycle bracelet from Greenbird
recycle bracelet from Greenbird
collect plastic make healthy enviroment Greenbird
Recycling plastic bottles reduces plastic waste, conserves resources, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

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