Instead of letting plastic waste ending up in the landfill or ocean, we and our partners have collected, transformed and brought them a new life as patio furniture. With 100% recycled plastic, Greenbird’s products stand out not only for its modern, styled design; but also for durability, weather resistance and easy maintenance. The beautiful Hummingbird collection will bring a high sense of comfort and a great feeling of joy and relaxed.

Warm and earthy tones allow the Hummingbird collection of garden furniture to blend perfectly into any style of home and garden. Made from double round rattan wicker and royal stone brown cushion, every piece of the collection is designed with great care for the consumer’s comfortable experience and environment.

hummingbird collection greenbirdfurniture
Wicker rattan grey with light teak look and royal stone brown cushions
humming bird

The Hummingbird

Hummingbirds are real workers for the benefits of themselves and their society. Helping others is the way of making them recharge their energy and joy. In any situation, they can easily be flexible, adapt to the environment and combat the negativities. The hummingbirds also serve as good reminders to live life to the fullest and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. These are the characteristics that Greenbird is striving to deliver in our products, especially this collection.

We have taken natural resources to produce our consumption goods, now it’s time to bring those back in the form of new trends - Sustainability and Style.

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